What we do?


What would you use videos for if it were free?

Just imagine that whatever you thought of can be customized to a certain group of people and even an individual person. So, for every video you thought of, multiply it by 10 or 100 and this is your actual need for videos.


Put digital storytelling into your company’s DNA.

The HUB that facilitates your company as a media company. Your space, your team, your creative spontaneity + our training, our guidance, our expert 24/7 production. Unboxing customer stories, interviews, testimonials, case studies, reports (weekly/monthly/quarterly), fireside chat, panels, live sessions, statements, event promotions, social media content, comms / messages (internal/external), webinars, vlogs, tech reviews.

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Corporate Vlogs

Vlogging (short for “video blogging”) is the practice of sharing thoughts and creating content through videos. Corporate Vlogging is vlogging respecting corporate communication boundaries.

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Customer Stories

B2B is a new market for video. Leverage your customers’ success with videos that showcase how you facilitated that success. Everybody loves a story. Make your customers’ stories part of yours.

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Learning and upskilling has never been so important and efficient. Pass on the knowledge, product info, breaking news, updates… in the most convenient, the “new normal” way.

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Content Waterfall

Freedom to create, inspire, and connect. One video shoot provides a waterfall of audio and visual content that shares your values and provides personalized value tailored to your specific audience — even if that audience is one person!

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Events Digitization

The new normal is taking us extremely fast to the era of digital events. And the future is also hybrid. Turn attendees’ smartphones into personal viewing centers with videos of keynotes, presentations, seminars, meetings, reports, conferences, exhibitions, forums, fireside chats… Multiply engagement, drive connections, and exponentially expand the reach of your event — in real-time and for months and years afterwards.

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Continuous Communication

Video is no longer only promotional — it is your most efficient and effective communication tool. Internally: Remote working is here to stay. Video is how leadership communicates, inspires, and connects with employees. Video is how teams connect, inspire, and spark innovation.

Externally: B2B represents a new audience for video. B2C demands a constant flow of fresh, creative, casual content. Connect with the generation of today.

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Volumetric Space

The new frontier of communication is here. Holograms are closer than they have ever been, and you can use them too. Volumetric Space is the Evans Media product where we reinvent content and move communication to the mixed reality space.

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